Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gardens in Winter

Gardens are a beautiful place to visit, even in winter. In these darkest months of the year, they offer the evergreen promise of rejuvenation. The City of Tukwila was inspired when it designed a garden especially meant to be viewed in this season. If you haven't had a chance to visit the Macadam Winter Garden yet, this month is the perfect time to go. It's located at South 144th Street and Macadam Road in Tukwila, just one block east of I-5.

You'll see unexpected color and patterns in the branches of deciduous trees and shrubs, and beautiful clusters of snowberries, and even blossoms -- winter jasmine and heather are blooming right now.

Another lovely spot at any time of year is the Highline-SeaTac Botanical Garden. Push through this inviting garden gate and start exploring -- this site contains several different gardens. You'll see the Elda Behm Garden right away...

... and here are the classical "bones" of the Seattle Rose Society Garden. (Lots of weddings take place here in the summer.)

Make sure you don't miss the Seike Garden! It is to the east of the Rose Garden, tucked into a hillside and out of sight if you don't know to look for it. Both the Elda Behm and Seike Gardens originated elsewhere and would have been obliterated by the expansion of the third runway at SeaTac Airport. But thanks to the diligent efforts of many dedicated volunteers, these beautiful gardens were moved piece by piece to this site, which is directly across from the North SeaTac Community Center at 13735 24th Avenue South in SeaTac. For more about the remarkable history of the Seike Garden, check out the film by Ken Slusher called "The Seike Garden," available on DVD in the Northwest Collection at the Burien Library.

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